Citation Tracker

Find local citations, spot NAP issues, and track citation performance

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Everything you need to keep on top of citations

Monitor existing citations

Full NAP audit

Find new citation sites

Identify duplicate listings

Easily manage citation work

White-label reports

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Monitor citations and identify opportunities

  • Detailed report on all sites that display your business data
  • Spy on competitors to see where they’re listed but you’re not
  • Find local citation sites to list your business on
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Highlight inaccuracies and prioritize fixes

  • Audit listings on key citation sites
  • Identify errors in critical NAP data (Name, Address, Phone number)
  • Eliminate citation issues that harm local search rankings
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Locate and remove harmful duplicates

  • Identify damaging duplicate (extra) business listings
  • Determine what actions to take on duplicate listings
  • Maintain a spotless citation profile for better rankings
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Easily manage citation workflow

  • Add notes and icons to highlight citation priorities
  • Focus on sites based on DA, type and competitor favorites
  • Set ‘pending’ status after submission for alert once live
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